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DSM 1100-1550-2000

The DSM spreader is the master of the medium segment.

Ideal for the medium segment

The DSM is the perfect spreader for the medium segment of farms! Each spreading disc has 8 vanes and their length determines the working width of the machine. These 8 vanes contribute to the highly accurate spread pattern across the complete working width reaching from 10 up to 28 metres. With the easy to assemble aluminium extension rims the basic hopper capacity of 1.100 litres can be increased up to 1.550 or 2.000 litres.

The Advantages:

  • RotaFlow spreading system
  • FlowPilot for quick and easy adjustment
  • Easy border spreading systems
  • Standard and optional equipment available to fulfil your requirements
  • Comfort Control II to operate the spreader from the closed tractor cab
Dane techniczne
DSM DSM1100 DSM1550 DSM2000
Hopper capacity (kg) 1100 1550 2000
Filling height (cm) 100 119 138
Width (cm) 220 220 220
Filling width (cm) 214 214 214
Empty weight (kg) 325 350 375
Spread width (m) 10-24 (27/28)* 10-24 (27/28)* 10-24 (27/28)*
Output (kg/min) 10 – 320 10 – 320 10 -320

*Depending on type of vanes and fertiliser

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